Thursday, November 17, 2011


 I had the kids say the word "Priesthood" out loud to me and then I asked if any of them knew what that word meant?  I explained to them that the priesthood is God's power.  God gives the priesthood to older boys and men so that they can bless other people.

I showed them a few pictures of the priesthood being used, a baby's blessing, a baptism, a confirmation, a father's blessing, the sacrament, and I talked about how the priesthood was used in each of those pictures.

 I also brought in a picture of my wedding and told them that when you are married in the temple you are married through the priesthood, and that is what makes our weddings sacred and different from other weddings.  It is through the priesthood that our families are sealed together for eternity.

We had a crazy amount of kids in class and none of them were sitting and listening to my lesson, so I wrapped it up there with my testimony, but I had plans of doing a couple of other things.

 I made this little book that I got from here.  If I was really ambitious, I would have made one for each of the kids, but I thought the hand out from the manual covered it well enough.

 I had planned to show this to them and review each one, using the flaps to try to get them excited about getting their own to color.

Monday, November 7, 2011


 I borrowed some sacraments trays to show the kids and asked them if they knew what they were.  They all identified them with "sacrament" and volunteered which one held bread and which one held water. I opened my scriptures and explained to the kids that Jesus told us something very important and I needed them to listen while I read what he said.  

Luke 22:19 "Jesus said, 'This do in remembrance of me.'"

I explained that Jesus wanted us to think of him when we were eating the bread and drinking the water.  I told them that it is a special and sacred thing and since it is special and sacred it is important that we are reverent during the time when the sacrament is being blessed and passed.  As I explained all of that I showed them a picture of a family being reverent during the sacrament.

I introduced my husband to the kids and explained that he was a priesthood holder who often blesses and passes the sacrament.  My husband took a little bit of time explaining to the kids that you have to be a worthy priesthood holder to bless and pass the sacrament.  He also talked about how we sing a reverent song while the priesthood holders break the bread, and the reverent song helps us to think of Jesus and invite the spirit.

When he closed, I bore my testimony.

I drew up this little handout for the kids to color.  In between the two trays I wrote the scripture, "Luke 22:19 Jesus said, 'This do in remembrance of me.'"

In addition to that, I had made each of the kids little sacrament books.  The point of these books was for them to bring them to sacrament and look through them when the sacrament is being passed to help them remember that they need to be reverent and to remember to think of Jesus.

I used the handout from the manual to make the books and just put craft foam in front and back to protect them a little better.

Monday, October 31, 2011


 I pretty much just followed the lesson manual.  I showed the picture of Jesus being baptized and asked the kids what they saw in that picture.  They all knew he was being baptized, which is great.  They also pointed out water and mountains, and I pointed out the white clothes.

I then showed the picture in the manual of the girl being baptized and asked what they saw in that picture.  They said it was a girl being baptized and that there was water and white clothes.  I pointed out John the Baptist and how he held his hands while baptizing Jesus, and then showed the man in the other picture and how his hands were the same.

I explained that when they are 8 years old they will get to be baptized.  A couple of the kids mentioned cousins or siblings that had been baptized.  I told them that when they are baptized they make a covenant with Heavenly Father.  I asked them if they could say the word, "covenant" and explained that a covenant is a promise.  So when we are baptized it washes away our sins and we make a promise with Heavenly Father that we will be like Jesus and choose the right and make good choices.

I showed them a picture of a little girl after baptism receiving her confirmation blessing.  I told them that after we are baptized, we receive a blessing.  Priesthood holders put their hands on our head and say a special prayer and it is during this prayer that we receive the Holy Ghost.  I explained that the Holy Ghost helps us know right from wrong so that we can make good choices in our life.

I had them color this picture from the manual.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

October 2011 Lesson Schedule

October 2: General Conference
October 9: Lesson 24 - I Will Follow The Prophet
October 16: President Monson, Our Prophet Today
October 23: Lesson 25 - I Belong To The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-day Saints

Sunday, August 7, 2011


  I got this from the manual and colored it to use to teach the kids.  We went over each one in order and told the story of the first vision.  I opened the scriptures and read Heavenly Father's words when Joseph Smith saw Him.  "This is my beloved Son.  Hear Him!"  The kids were reverent while I was giving my lesson.  They definitely know when the spirit is present. I love it!

After the lesson they colored their own first vision.

Monday, August 1, 2011

August 2011 Lesson Schedule

August 14:   Joseph Smith Was a Prophet
August 21:   Joseph Smith Translated the Book of Mormon
August 28:   Joseph Smith Restored the Gospel

I thought it was really important to focus the whole month on Joseph Smith.  One lesson from the manual just doesn't cover enough about how detrimental he is to our church, so I made three extra lessons up to teach about the things I felt were important for the kids to know.